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Cover illustration: The Events by David Greig (2013). Photograph courtesy of Stephen Cummiskey.

Cover illustration: The Events by David Greig (2013). Photograph courtesy of Stephen Cummiskey.

Special issue: David Greig: Dramaturgies of Encounter and Engagement

Guest editor: Jacqueline Bolton


Notes on Contributors
pages 1-2

Jacqueline Bolton and James Hudson
pages 3-8


Local Hero: The Places of David Greig
Dan Rebellato
pages 9-18

Dissolving into Scotland: National Identity in Dunsinane and The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart
David Pattie
pages 19-30

Yes and No? Dissensus and David Greig’s Recent Work
Clare Wallace
pages 31-38

David Greig’s Other Heading
Mark Robson
pages 39-48

‘Look at the Ground and Imagine its Past’: David Greig’s History Plays
Paola Botham
pages 49-59

Teenage Dreams: Power and Imagination in David Greig’s Yellow Moon and The Monster in the Hall
Trish Reid
pages 60-70

‘I Am a Blankness Out of Which Emerges Only Darkness’: Impressions and Aporias of Multiculturalism in The Events
Marilena Zaroulia
pages 71-81

Solidarity and Moral Imagination in David Greig’s The Events: Ethics in Conversation with Performance
Anna Abram
pages 82-87

Zāhir and Bātin: An Interview with David Greig
Verónica Rodríguez
pages 88-96


Performance, Madness and Psychiatry: Isolated Acts edited by Anna Harpin and Juliet Foster
Gianna Bouchard
pages 97-98

Translating the Theatre of the Spanish Golden Age by David Johnston
Simon Breden
pages 98-99

Žižek and Performance edited by Broderick Chow and Alex Mangold
Liz Tomlin
pages 99-101

Critical Live Art: Contemporary Histories of Performance in the UK edited by Dominic Johnson
T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko
pages 101-102

Clowns: In Conversation with Modern Masters by Ezra LeBank and David Bridel
Lucy Amsden
pages 102-103

A History of the Berliner Ensemble by David Barnett
Vera S. Stegmann
pages 103-105

The Grammar of Politics and Performance edited by Shirin M. Rai and Janelle Reinelt
Grant Tyler Peterson
pages 105-106

Humanitarian Performance: From Disaster Tragedies to Spectacles of War by James Thompson
Emma Brodzinski
pages 106-107

How It Feels to Be Free: Black Women Entertainers and the Civil Rights Movement by Ruth Feldstein
Julie Burrell
pages 107-109

Lucid Memory and the Work of David Greig
Caridad Svich
pages 110-112

A Message to David
Neel Keller
pages 112-114

The Speculator
Philip Howard
pages 114-115

The Events: (Re)building a Community
Aaron Malkin
pages 115-116

On David Greig’s The Events: Then and Now
Janelle Reinelt
pages 116-117

After ‘Are We on the Same Page?’
Catherine Love, Duška Radosavljević, and Andrew Haydon
pages 117-119

Forest Fringe: Playing with Scale in the People’s Republic
Andy Field
pages 119-122

In Memoriam: Lynn Manning – The Gentle Way
Oliver Mayer
pages 122-123

pages 124-127

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