Evocative Objects

Evocative Objects was funded by the AHRC Connected Communities Festival and coordinated by the research team from Amateur Dramatics: Crafting Communities in Time and Space. We invited people who are dedicated and passionate participants in the world of amateur theatre to come along to two workshop days and bring with them an object which captured memories and stories about their experience.

As a research team, we were overwhelmed by the richness of the objects that people brought – not particularly their monetary value – but a more social and personal richness of story, of dedication, of lifetimes of service to a sector which has received very little formal academic recognition. In many cases, these objects captured generational commitment, within families, and across cultures, cities, and age groupings.

They are only a snippet of a much larger picture, but they evoke much of the passion, hard work, and camaraderie of amateur theatre. Click on each image to read more about the object.

Read stories behind more evocative objects at amateurdramaresearch.com/evocative-objects/


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