Robyn Mayol and Ella Parry-Davies’ soundwalk ‘Shadow/Boxing’ takes us on a journey through east London’s Bethnal Green, ghosted by the voices of participants in a Muay Thai-based social care group.

Leaving a Secret Place

In his performative text ‘Leaving a Secret Place’, Raafat Majzoub explores how to shift through transitions between the competing fictive worlds of the powerful and the marginalised.

“It’s Your Whole-Ass Body!”

In this interview, Kelechi Okafor – owner of South London dance studio Kelechnekoff – discusses the transnationalism of twerk, anti-racism and black advocacy in fitness, and transformation in physical culture.

The Dynamic Tensions Physical Culture Show

Broderick Chow presents documentation from The Dynamic Tensions Physical Culture Show, performed at the Anatomy Museum, King’s College London, and explains its intervention into the history of physical culture and fitness.

Interventions 28.3 (October 2018)

Alongside this special issue on “Feminisms Now”, these online Interventions celebrate the formal and conceptual diversity of both feminist performance and scholarship.