Safety, Risk and Speculation in the Immersive Industry

Anticipating the opening of Hartshorn – Hook and Alexander Wright’s immersive adaptation of The Wolf of Wall Street, Adam Alston explores ideas of safety, risk, and speculation in the immersive experience industry.


Broderick Chow and Ella Parry-Davies introduce this set of interventions onTransnational Physical Cultures – three terms that are by their nature slippery and contested.


Robyn Mayol and Ella Parry-Davies’ soundwalk ‘Shadow/Boxing’ takes us on a journey through east London’s Bethnal Green, ghosted by the voices of participants in a Muay Thai-based social care group.

Leaving a Secret Place

In his performative text ‘Leaving a Secret Place’, Raafat Majzoub explores how to shift through transitions between the competing fictive worlds of the powerful and the marginalised.