Jessica Worden, Because softness means being careful with one’s self

This sonic meditation on soft approaches to performance-making positions care, compassion, and vulnerability as central to a feminist value system. It grew from a desire to perform softness and to share how diverse feminist practices that slip between cracks, exist in overlooked spaces, and articulate both women’s experiences and the feminist aims within their work. This sound piece explores how we might aid listening to those soft approaches in performance while also enacting this experience for you, the listener. I cite performers, makers, and thinkers who have shared in conversation or in their published writing ideas that relate to how softness performs a feminist ethics within the context of contemporary performance practice. The form that this meditation takes stems from a written score: a mutable piece of writing that transforms with each iteration and in constant relation to the lived experience of the performing body. Within this recording the body is present through the speaking voice, but also in the recorded traces of breath and body noises that gesture towards the absent performing body.


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