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We accept submissions for the print journal by online submission through ScholarOne Manuscripts: Please read the guide for ScholarOne authors before making a submission.  You can also find specific guidelines for preparing and submitting your manuscript to Contemporary Theatre Review on the Taylor & Francis website, and more general support is offered by Taylor & Francis’s Author Services website.

Submissions for the website

Journal authors: We welcome authors who are submitting work to the journal to also think in advance about material related to their article that might be appropriate for Interventions for the website. As indicative examples, this might include audio or video material; a slideshow of images with commentary; an editorial or provocation that stems from their work but perhaps takes it in a new direction; a roundtable or interview with other scholars or artists; or an invitation to others to write for the website (in consultation with the website editors).  Once your article has been accepted for publication, please contact the Interventions editorial team with your thoughts.  We’re also interested in suggestions for content that might relate to work you have published in a previous issue of Contemporary Theatre Review, as an update or extension that uses the online medium in a interesting way.

Forum/special issue editors: We would also encourage editors of special issues or forum issues to think in advance about suitable online material related to their issue topic.  Audio and video material are particularly welcome, as is additional commentary from your issue contributors or from others who might provide an interesting perspective. Interventions can also be an opportunity to comment on any developments related to your topic that have occurred subsequent to the editing of the special issue. Our editorial team will work with you to develop ideas.

Other contributors: Interventions is also a platform for showcasing research and or commentary on topical subjects that are related to the scope of the journal, but may not currently be planned for an article or special issue – particularly where the nature of the material or your proposed mode of presentation lends itself to online presentation.  These might include timely responses to current events related to theatre and performance; a curated collection of contributions on a particular theme; selected material from an ongoing research project; and more.

Tone and format:

  • Interventions aim to make connections between theatre scholars, performance-makers, and audiences, and so the style of writing for the website should be accessible to a non-specialist readership.
  • References, where necessary, should be provided in footnotes following MHRA format.
  • A typical piece of writing should aim to be around 2000 words, though shorter or longer provocations may also be appropriate, and a curated collection of responses may end up being longer than this in total.
  • Audio and video material should be no longer than 8-10 minutes. Video should be hosted on a third-party provider such as Vimeo or Youtube with embedding enabled. Audio should be supplied as a high-quality mp3 or similar format. Please also provide any relevant copyright information.
  • Once a contribution has been agreed, we encourage authors to include a range of images to accompany any writing, audio, or video material. Please provide copyright information for images.
  • We welcome inventive and playful approaches to the publishing of online content, and the editors are happy to negotiate ideas with authors and prospective authors.

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