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cover image by Sachiko Abe and Manuel Vason
cover image by Sachiko Abe and Manuel Vason

From the editorial by Maria M. Delgado and Joanne Tompkins:

The issue is shaped by the practice of editing itself so all contributors are editors with experience working across different fora – from blogging to the digital humanities, book series to journals, reference encyclopaedias to pedagogical materials. It maps the journey of a piece of writing from call for papers to dissemination; and from call for peer review for books to the index. The topics move from the stage of commissioning work to the process of authoring – across multiple platforms – and then to submission, to curation, to production, and finally to dissemination. But to reflect the process of producing research that will appear in an edited journal or book – never a straight line – we intercut this path with other interpretations of editing. The issue is structured by seven such interpretations of editing: editing in journals, editing in the rehearsal room, editing in film/montage/moving image, editing critical editions, editing and playwriting, editing in music, and what we call the ‘remains’, or what hasn’t been able to be. All authors were encouraged to write in their own voice, with the different spellings of English across the issue reflecting the international spread of contributors. contained into an issue or even in the rare conversations about editing that do sometimes occur. What is left when the edited article, chapter or volume is out in the public domain? These perspectives include pieces that focus on editing in other disciplines but that also speak to the interdisciplinary links of our field. Even the book review section takes into account the practice and outcomes of editing, as does Interventions, the online forum of Contemporary Theatre Review.

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Special Issue: The Politics, Processes, and Practices of Editing

Guest Editors: Maria M. Delgado and Joanne Tompkins


Notes on Contributors
pages 1-8

Maria M. Delgado, Maggie B. Gale & Dominic Johnson
pages 9-10

Editing Matters: An Editorial
Maria M. Delgado & Joanne Tompkins
pages 11-16


Marvin Carlson
pages 17-19


Call for Papers
Helen Nicholson
pages 20-22

The Craft of Editing
Simon Williams
pages 23-25

Peer Review
Brian Singleton
pages 26-29

Joseph Roach
pages 29-31

The Archive
Paul Allain
pages 32-35

Editing: In the Rehearsal Room
Gay McAuley
pages 35-38


Karen Fricker
pages 39-45

Jennifer Parker-Starbuck
pages 45-48

Christopher Balme
pages 49-53

Ric Knowles
pages 53-56

Jill Dolan
pages 57-60

Jean Graham-Jones
pages 61-63

Textual Editing
Catherine Silverstone
pages 64-67

The Potency of Film Editing: Rose Hobart Stop Return
Janet Harbord
pages 68-72


Patrick Lonergan
pages 72-76

Reflections on the Politics of Editing a Complete Works of Shakespeare
Gordon McMullan
pages 76-79


Maggie B. Gale
pages 80-83

D. J. Hopkins
pages 83-86

The Editorial
Freddie Rokem
pages 87-89

W. B. Worthen
pages 90-93

Work for the Eye to Do: Editing Word and Image
Claire MacDonald
pages 94-97

Interdisciplinarity and Editing
Peter Eckersall
pages 97-100

On Training
Joshua Abrams
pages 101-104

International: A Dialogue
Miguel Escobar & Paul Rae
pages 104-108

Playwriting as Editing: Lines of Memory
Caridad Svich
pages 108-111


Penny Farfan
pages 111-114

Richard Fotheringham
pages 115-118

Editing in Music
Nicholas Cook
pages 119-123


Open Access
David Barnett
pages 123-127

The Commissioning Editor as Curator
Victoria Cooper
pages 127-129

Electronic Journals
Helena Grehan
pages 130-133

Remaining Paragraphs
Bonnie Marranca
pages 133-134

pages 135-149


We’re People Who Do Shows: Back to Back Theatre – Performance, Politics, Visibility edited by Helena Grehan and Peter Eckersall
Daniel Sack
pages 150-151

Refugee Performance: Practical Encounters edited by Michael Balfour
S. E. Wilmer
pages 151-152

Theatre and Performance in the Asia-Pacific: Regional Modernities in the Global Era by Denise Varney, Peter Eckersall, Chris Hudson, and Barbara Hatley
Sarah Thomasson
pages 152-154

Manifesto Now! Instructions for Performance, Philosophy, Politics edited by Laura Cull and Will Daddario
Johanna Linsley
pages 154-155

Reverberations Across Small-Scale British Theatre: Politics, Aesthetics, and Forms edited by Patrick Duggan and Victor Ukaegbu
Sara Freeman
pages 155-157

Postdramatic Theatre and the Political: International Perspectives on Contemporary Performance edited by Karen Jürs-Munby, Jerome Carroll, and Steve Giles
Philip Watkinson
pages 157-158

Notes on Contributors
page 427


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