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Cover Illustration: Jane Leaney (Dolores Grey), in The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable. Photograph by Pari, courtesy of The Corner Shop.


Notes on Contributors
Page: 441

Maria M. Delgado, Maggie B. Gale, Dominic Johnson & Bryce Lease
Pages: 442-444


On the Radical Political Potential of Performance: Witnessing, Implication, and Ethics in Representations of the Northern Irish Dirty Protests and Hunger Strikes (1976–81)
Patrick Duggan
Pages: 445-461

At Home with Doors: Practising Architectural Elements in Yes, These Eyes Are the Windows and Between 13 and 15 Steps
Stuart Andrews
Pages: 462-480

Experience Economies: Immersion, Disposability, and Punchdrunk Theatre
Meghan O’Hara
Pages: 481-496

Wired Brains and Living Networks: Simon McBurney’s Micropoetics, from Mnemonic to The Encounter
Liliane Campos
Pages: 497-511

Rehabilitation from the Critical Perspective of Israeli Community-Based Theater
Shulamith Lev-Aladgem
Pages: 512-528


Performing Antagonism: Theatre, Performance & Radical Democracy, edited by Tony Fisher and Eve Katsouraki
Caoimhe Mader McGuinness
Pages: 529-530

Simon Stephens: A Working Diary, by Simon

Caridad Svich
Pages: 530-531

Performance and the Medical Body, edited by Alex Mermikides and Gianna Bouchard
Marla Carlson
Pages: 531-532

Alienation Effects: Performance and Self-Management in Yugoslavia, 1945–91, by Branislav Jakovljević
Silvija Jestrović
Pages: 533-534

Theatre in Scotland, A Field of Dreams: Reviews, by Joyce McMillan, edited by Philip Howard
Trish Reid
Pages: 534-535


Remembering Sam Shepard (1943–2017)
Stephen Scott-Bottoms
Pages: 536-539

Shepard In and Out of the Academy
Christian Parker
Pages: 539-541

Uncanny Sam
Jose Rivera
Page: 541

Electric Sam
Jason Neulander
Pages: 541-542

Cowboy Writer
Carson Kreitzer
Pages: 542-543

Buried Child at the New Group in New York City
Ian Morgan
Pages: 543-544

Discovering Sam: Sam in Hong Kong
Travis Preston
Pages: 544-545

The Void, But For Sam Shepard
Matthew Paul Olmos
Pages: 545-546

Pages: 547-549

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