Volume 24, Issue 2 (May 2014)

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From the editorial introduction:

Methodologies for our discipline continue to expand to recognise the cross-cultural currents that shape much scholarship across the live art, performance and theatre boundaries. As such, the articles that constitute this issue similarly demonstrate a breadth of methodologies used in contemporary theatre, performance and live art studies, through: close readings of a production from first-person viewing; study of play texts and their reception histories; cultural materialist analysis of venues and urban settings; and interdisciplinary analysis drawing particularly on the history of art (and particularly of photography).
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Notes on Contributors
Pages: 151-152

Maria M. Delgado, Aoife Monks & Dominic Johnson
Pages: 153-155

‘Floating in a most peculiar way’: Angels in America, David Bowie, Toneelgroep Amsterdam
Denis Flannery
Pages: 156-176

Post-postfeminism? Amelia Bullmore’s Di and Viv and Rose, April de Angelis’s Jumpy and Karin Young’s The Awkward Squad
Geraldine Harris
Pages: 177-191

Cultural Practices, Market Disorganization, and Urban Regeneration: Royal Court Theatre Local Peckham and Peckham Space
Charlotte Bell
Pages: 192-208

The Geography of Disappearing: Meatyard, Butchertown, and Perspective in Naomi Iizuka’s At the Vanishing Point
Hank Willenbrink
Pages: 209-228

Keeping it Real: A Conversation with Christopher Shinn
Stephen Bottoms
Pages: 229-239

A Song of the Highest Tower: Ulysses Theatre’s King Lear in Croatia
Rod Wooden
Pages: 240-251

Canonisation in Contemporary Theatre Criticism: A Frequency Analysis of ‘Flemish Wave’ Directors in the Pages of Etcetera
Thomas Crombez
Pages: 252-261

Performance and the Writing Life: A Conversation with Bonnie Marranca
Claire MacDonald
Pages: 262-271

Neoliberalism and Global Theatres: Performance Permutations
Louise Owen
Pages: 272-273

Identity, Performance and Technology: Practices of Empowerment, Embodiment and Technicity
Sophie Lally
Pages: 273-275

TRANS(per)FORMING Nina Arsenault: An Unreasonable Body of Work
Dominic Johnson
Pages: 275-276

Theatre-Making: Interplay between Text and Performance in the 21st Century
Caridad Svich
Pages: 276-277

Acts and Apparitions: Discourses of the Real in Performance Practice and Theory, 1990–2010
Kara Reilly
Pages: 277-279

Lucy Amsden
Pages: 279-280

‘That Was Us’: Contemporary Irish Theatre and Performance
Karen Quigley
Pages: 280-282

Staging Ageing: Theatre, Performance and the Narrative of Decline
Gianna Bouchard
Pages: 282-283

Pages: 284-299

Pages: 300-303



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