On Being, Knowing, and Doing

In this dialogue based article Vicki Couzens and Priya Srinivasan think through decolonization from the place of praxis and cultural artistic exchanges in the Australian context.

Archives are a SCAM!

Reflecting on his research on folk performances in subaltern communities in India, Brahma Prakash, in his article “Archives are a SCAM!”, critically considers the politics concerning structural archival conventions.

Dispatches: Ramzi Maqdisi

17-06-21: Through prose and soundscape, Ramzi Maqdisi reflects on his aural experiences of Palestine in response to the recent violence in Jerusalem.


Winter 2020: Public Health, Politics, and Performance

Between Stolen Breaths

Photography and memory, ritual and writing come together in Vanessa Damilola Macaulay’s inquiry into racialised experiences of breath and breathlessness, from violent anti-blackness to Fanon’s revolution.